Help Your Students Achieve Greater Results


Combine success stories specifically highlighting students who worked with tutors using your platform.


Present metrics highlighting score improvement tailored to tutors specifically.


Include an optional tutor quote/testimonial emphasizing the power of the partnership.

The Power of Partnership

Tutor Expertise + Union Test Prep  = Student Success

As a tutor, your focus is on helping students reach their highest potential. With Union Test Prep as your ally, those success stories become even more compelling and frequent. Students benefit from your individualized instruction paired with our targeted  practice and powerful insights. That combination propels learners forward.

Real Tutors, Real Results

Showcase 2-3  stories about tutoring relationships improved  by your tools.  Keep them brief but impactful

Tutor & Student Name (If permitted) This adds credibility


The StruggleWhat wasn't working before, either for the tutor, the student, or both?


Union Test Prep Impact How did your service change the dynamic? (ex: Saved planning time, revealed misconception, boosted student confidence)


The Struggle What wasn't working before, either for the tutor, the student, or both?


We feared dyslexia would define Ben's academic path. Union Test Prep gave him the tools and confidence to create his own path to success.

– Mark, Ben's Dad
Data Speaks

The Metrics Tutors Want to See

Here, use your OWN internal data. Here are some ideas of what to include

Average Score Increase with Tutoring Do students who pair Union Test Prep with tutoring typically outperform solo users?


Speed of Improvement Can you quantify improved scores after a set number of focused sessions using your tools?


Time-Saving Statistic "Tutors report saving an average of X hours per week on prep when using Union Test Prep"


It's Not Just Scores – Tutor Expertise Elevates It All

Remind tutors you value their input and guidance, your tools augment them (not replace them)

Personalized Plans

Your materials allow tutors to craft truly individualized practice alongside their own wisdom.

Motivation Through Data

Show a tutor HOW a student is improving - it becomes easier to provide encouragement backed by fact.

Confidence Build

Explain how the analytics help tutors pinpoint and target any anxieties hindering performance.

A tutor highlighting this aspect is powerful!

CSET Multiple Subjects Test Prep

I used Union Test Prep to study for the CSET Multiple Subjects exam. I love the manner in which the program offers questions with multiple choice answers. It even offers maps and other graphics for visualizations. Whether you answer correctly or incorrectly, the program gives the correct answer step by step and oftentimes explains why other options aren't correct. It's a very effective manner in which to study or the CSET Multiple Subjects exam. Thank you, Union Test Prep.

Sep 02, 2024

Highly recommend

Prior service needing to improve my test scores to change my AFSC* I purchased this test prep a week before my test (I was using another one prior and my scores were not improving) So I went through multiple of the union test prep questions and it helped me score so high that I can do pretty much any job in the Air Force besides intel. I will recommend this to anyone I can over and over again. Thank you guys for providing awesome tests!

Updated Nov 10, 2024

HESI is very helpful to my study

HESI is very helpful to my study, I feel like i accomplish a lot. I wish I was known about this website a long time ago. they let me try their material for free. they are very reasonable. the most important thing was a one-time fee or no obligation

Sativa who
July 23, 2024

Pass your Certification Exam using Union Prep Test!

Union Test Prep was a great help to pass my Certification Exam! That was money well spent, and I believe I got 14 tests to practice from and I wrote down the questions I couldn’t remember and focused on learning them. I sure passed at the first try and I’m proud of myself! Thank you!

Elizabeth Coutee
Jan 2, 2022

This site is a great help!

This site is a great help! It is easy to navigate as well as clean and professional. The information that I need to study is written perfect. I recommend Union Test Prep to any and all who need study guides and exam practice! Thank you Union Test Prep! You are a giant help. I will continue to my study guide now. Lynmac

Daf Maclean
Mar 17, 2024

I like everything about it

I like everything about it. Easy to understand and there are problems for practice. I have passed my actual USPS Postal assessment in the range of 80+ score and now in the Pre-Hire List. Thank You Union Test Prep!

Geet Shukla
Mar 16, 2024