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As a parent, you want the best for your child. Their success in high-stakes exams is key to their future. But exam prep can be overwhelming. We know how that feels – and we're here to show you it doesn't have to be this way. Explore these real success stories showcasing how Union Test Prep delivers results and eases the stress of exam prep for students and families.

Sarah's Story

From Fear to Confidence


Before Union Test Prep Ben is a bright student with dyslexia. Timed tests posed an almost insurmountable challenge, preventing him from demonstrating his true knowledge.


Turning Point Sarah's parents sought a different approach and discovered Union Test Prep. The tailored study plans and focus on steady progress felt achievable.


The Results With Union Test Prep, Sarah found short, targeted practice sessions manageable. As her scores improved, so did her confidence. Exam day arrived, and she felt prepared, focused, and proud of her progress. Her results blew away her expectations!


Witnessing Sarah go from tears to calm determination as a test-taker was amazing. Union Test Prep was a true turning point for our family.

– Emily, Sarah's Mom
Ben's Story

Learning Differences No Longer an Obstacle


Before Union Test PrepBen is a bright student with dyslexia. Timed tests posed an almost insurmountable challenge, preventing him from demonstrating his true knowledge.


Turning PointUnion Test Prep provided the flexibility Ben needed. He practiced without restrictive time limits, focusing on learning concepts deeply. Test-taking strategies for students with dyslexia helped him succeed in the test environment itself.


The Results Ben's practice scores finally aligned with his abilities. He took control of the testing experience, focusing on his strengths rather than obstacles. His final score showed remarkable improvement and instilled a renewed sense of self-belief.


We feared dyslexia would define Ben's academic path. Union Test Prep gave him the tools and confidence to create his own path to success.

– Mark, Ben's Dad

More Success to Share

HESI is very helpful to my study, I feel like i accomplish a lot. I wish I was known about this website a long time ago. they let me try their material for free. they are very reasonable. the most important thing was a one-time fee or no obligation

– Sativa who

This site is a great help! It is easy to navigate as well as clean and professional. The information that I need to study is written perfect. I recommend Union Test Prep to any and all who need study guides and exam practice! Thank you Union Test Prep! You are a giant help. I will continue to my study guide now. Lynmac

– Daf Maclean

Union Test Prep was a great help to pass my Certification Exam! That was money well spent, and I believe I got 14 tests to practice from and I wrote down the questions I couldn’t remember and focused on learning them. I sure passed at the first try and I’m proud of myself! Thank you!

Elizabeth Coutee

I like everything about it. Easy to understand and there are problems for practice. I have passed my actual USPS Postal assessment in the range of 80+ score and am now on the Pre-Hire List. Thank You Union Test Prep!

– Geet Shukla

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